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Hello guys!

Been so long since I last wrote on my blog. I’ve been busy setting up my server. Finally a good news. My site has now been moved to my personal domain. head over to and have a look.

Or you could just go to for my  blog. I’ve moved all my posts to my self-hostel blog as well.

Enjoy the summer.


Happy coding 🙂

Arduino: Using as a temperature sensor

Folks here I’m back! As usual so much busy days. This time I’m back with some thing new! You might have heard about Arduino (or you might not have). If you have not heard about Adduino it’s time to know about this awesome gadget.

Arduino is an open-source electronic prototyping platform. There are so many versions of it. I have got the Arduino Uno. It has an on-board micro-controller (ATMEGA 328).

Basically you can program Arduino to control the behavior of it. The micro-controller ATMEGA 328 has got 28 pins in it (14 on both the sides). Among them first 7 pins on the left is used for powering up the IC and the last 6 Pins are for analog input and output purpose. The 14 pins on the right are generally used for digital output or input. The arduino board is manufactured in such a way that it can interact with the computer. It has an on-board programmer in it. it can easily be programmed by connecting a USB cable with it!

An Arduino is very much useful for small or medium scale electronics projects. One can actually come out with thousands of projects using a single Arduino board.

In my further posts I will write about the basic setup and How Tos!

So to make you guys feel interested in such cool stuff today I will show you how I actually managed my Arduino to behave as a basic digital temperature meter.

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Real busy days

I have been very irregular in my blog because of my super hectic schedule! I have been planning to post about many topics but I am hardly being able to tie-up everything! Anyways again I have a plan to post something about windows phone and windows 8 application development. By the way I want to hear from you guys now that is why I added a poll at the end of this post. Cheers guys!
Windows 8 metro UI
windows phone 8

getting started with C++

Hello friends, as mentioned previously here that this time I will be writing about C++ programming, I am going to start it from this post and now on. In this post I will start with the history of C++ language and later on I will let you know how to get started with C++ programming.

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Back with C++

Hello guys, it’s been long since I have last written on my blog. This happened due to several changes in my life. First of all, I have already moved from my country to India for study purpose. Moreover, copping up with the environment around me was really a big deal…

Good news is now I am totally familiar with this place. So, now I hope there will be no further problem in connecting to you through my blog :). However, extreme pressure of study might create some delay, I will try my best to post regularly.

Now here in my second semester I have been learning C++ as a course subject. So, this time I will be writing on C++ mainly. I will try to share what I learn.

Err to man. So, I seek advance apologies if I make any mistake in my writing. In case of any doubt, I will try to response as early as possible…

Another thing I want to add that, I am glad to announce that my next project after C++ will be Python programming language. Moreover, hopefully I will also be posting on Android tutorials as well.

Till then, Good bye… 🙂

Happy coding