Example flowchart 1: Find the result of addition of three numbers. What about their average?



1 Start
2 Set Sum=0  C=1  Avg= 0
3 If C ≤ 3
a Yes, go to step 4
b No go to step 8
4 Input number
5 Sum= sum+ number
6 C= C+ 1
7 Go to step 3
8 Avg = sum/3
9 Output sum, avg
10 End

About anik

This is Anik Das. I am Student of Electrical and Electronics engineering in National Institute of Technology, Warangal (NITW). I used to study in BRAC University(BRACU) (which is one of the best part of my life). There I also studied EEE but after getting the ICCR Scholarship by the Indian Govt. I moved to NITW. I have completed my H.S.C from Notre Dame College (NDC). I used to work as Microsoft Student Partner(MSP) in Microsoft. I am a tech loving boy…I also love to know about newer and newer things. I am here to share what I learn...

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  1. thank u for giving me appropriate information about program as well as flwochart

  2. bro..i am also a std of bracu. i am doing my cse 101.um facing prblm in flowchart….:(
    if u can give ur email id, ican give u my problems to solve thm..cz i cant solve it..i tried alot..

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