a small note…

This is not the first time I left my home but this is the first time I left my family and fellow friends for a long time…some good feeling, some sweet memories mixed with some magical spell, some best wishes and a new smile of a rising sun are my partner to this journey towards my future. This is not the first time I felt bad, but this time this feelings has mixed with pain. Yes, this is me; Anik who hardly went out of the house, left home for 4 years may be for life time.

I have never given much thought where would I study; like a “damn care” missed a lot of chances which made me to regret after missing all those golden opportunities. This time I saw my father to be so happy when he got the news that I got a scholarship under “Commonwealth S/F plan” by the Indian government. Though this was a rare opportunity, I was again thinking of throwing it apart from my life. This time something stopped me to do so instantly; happy face of my father whom I never wanted to hurt kept swirling in my mind that I this time the same action should not be repeated. After all it was not only about the happiness of my family but also my about my career.

As a person I used to be always cheerful. It’s not just that my smiling face only represented my inner happiness; it also reflected my smooth and peaceful life. My friends have always asked me about the mystery behind the happiness; I couldn’t but tell them that it was only for you guys and still only for you.

Days have changed, leaves have become grayer these days; sun has started to shine brighter; the inner human in me has grown stronger but still the light surrounding me is dimmer…

About anik

This is Anik Das. I am Student of Electrical and Electronics engineering in National Institute of Technology, Warangal (NITW). I used to study in BRAC University(BRACU) (which is one of the best part of my life). There I also studied EEE but after getting the ICCR Scholarship by the Indian Govt. I moved to NITW. I have completed my H.S.C from Notre Dame College (NDC). I used to work as Microsoft Student Partner(MSP) in Microsoft. I am a tech loving boy…I also love to know about newer and newer things. I am here to share what I learn...

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  1. My friend also got it..she is leaving tomorrow 😦

  2. kopa!!!!!!!:)

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